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Join us at the World Agritech Innovation Summit

We are honored to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Summit and to share how CIBO is helping scale regenerative agriculture. Join is in San Francisco March 19-20, 2024.

Hear Our Panel Discussion: Stacking Public and Private Incentives to Scale Regenerative Agriculture

The public and private sectors are incentivizing growers to adopt conservation practices through different initiatives such as NRCS programs and new tax credits like the Clean Fuel Production Credit (45Z), as well as Scope 3 reduction and carbon credit programs. Yet, providing sufficient financing to support the transition to regenerative agriculture and making funding easily accessible for growers remain key challenges—and drivers—to unlocking a scalable impact.

Join USDA and industry leaders discussing opportunities to maximize grower ROI through program stacking and simplified enrollment, and hear how they are measuring their programs’ impact at scale.

Host: Daniel Ryan, President & CEO, CIBO Technologies

Panelists Include:

  • Bill Hohenstein, Director of the USDA Office of Energy and Environmental Policy within the Office of the Chief Economist
  • Jamie Leifker, President of Truterra
  • David Fiocco, Senior Partner at McKinsey

Learn About CIBO’s Solutions

Scope 3


Public and Private Incentive Stacking


Renewable Fuels


End-to-End Scope 3 Reduction and Reporting for the Agricultural Supply Chain

CIBO Impact is the comprehensive platform enabling agricultural Scope 3 emissions baselining, quantification and reporting, scaled grower-facing programs, and integration with enterprise-level sustainability reporting platforms. With CIBO Impact, enterprises can define their supply sheds, design a strategy to reduce emissions, develop and deploy grower-facing programs, then deliver reporting on the outcomes. CIBO reviews and participates in the development of Scope 3 standards with organizations including Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), Value Change Initiative (VCI), and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). As standards evolve, we ensure our customers’ reporting and programs align.

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Getting Started on Your Scope 3 Journey in Agriculture

Addressing consumer and shareholder concerns and bringing climate commitments to life will require a shift in the understanding and practice of agricultural production toward more regeneration and sustainability. Read this eBook to understand emerging GHG reporting and target-setting standards and their role in boosting transparency, ensuring confidence in reporting, and producing meaningful outcomes toward achieving Scope 3 goals.

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Calculate Feedstock CI Scores with GREET and Deploy CI-Reducing Programs

Renewable fuels producers are taking action now to be ready to claim the Inflation Reduction Act Section 45Z tax credit starting in 2025. CIBO is helping producers scale use of the GREET model and launch low-carbon-intensity (low-CI) feedstock programs. CIBO Impact is your end-to-end platform for managing large-scale regenerative agriculture programs, helping enterprises identify and source low-carbon feedstocks from growers using regenerative practices.

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Accelerating Toward Net Zero and 45Z in Biofuels

The ethanol industry has established aggressive and voluntary targets for reduced carbon intensity in biofuels production. Read our eBook to find out how regenerative agriculture can help create carbon-neutral ethanol low CI feedstocks.

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Deliver Public and Private Programs to Your Growers

The CIBO Impact platform enables grower-focused organizations to help their customers easily apply for and stack USDA, Scope 3 and other regenerative agriculture incentive programs. CIBO invites associations, co-ops, agronomists and retailers who are trusted advisors to growers to join our expanding partner network. Qualifying organizations can unlock new commercial opportunities for themselves and their customers by sourcing program acres and supporting their growers with supplementary agronomy, retail or other services.

Give your growers a rapid understanding of program options, eligibility and potential returns. Deliver streamlined program qualification, application, enrollment and status tracking.

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Confidence in Carbon Modeling

CIBO is leading the way in proving how soil organic carbon and carbon credit modeling can deliver sustainability tracking at scale and in a new way. Proving confidence in modeled results, over and above experimentally determined results, is vital to engender trust in carbon credits and close the loop on incentivizing and funding carbon sequestration and carbon reduction farming practices. Read this eBook for a deep dive into how CIBO verified our model.

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