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Accelerate Access to U.S. Department of Agriculture Conservation Programs

CIBO Impact empowers grower-focused organizations with a value-added service and promotes stacking of public and private incentives for farmers


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Help Your Growers Stack Public and Private Programs

2023 saw record funding for USDA programs, including that made available by the Inflation Reduction Act. In 2024, the well-known National Resource Conservation Service Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) budget will increase by $1.65 billion, with over $1 billion in increases planned for other programs. CIBO recognized an opportunity to make the USDA application process more efficient while helping growers improve their chances of receiving funding. The new solution is delivered via CIBO’s grower network partners, composed of co-ops, associations, agronomists, and retailers who are trusted advisors to growers and support them in the application process. CIBO’s solution supports EQIP as well as other USDA-funded programs, including the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) and Climate-Smart Commodities grant projects.

CIBO Impact eliminates the most common pain points in the USDA application process for growers, their trusted advisors, and project partners. Our platform also makes it easy for growers to stack public and private incentives – speeding the transition to sustainable ag.

Identify Field-Level Resource Concerns and Eligible Practices

Identify Field-Level Resource Concerns
The platform uses a combination of grower- or advisor-answered questions and spatial data to identify resource concerns.

Identify Eligible New Practices
CIBO’s algorithms alert growers to new practices that are the best fit for their fields and prioritized for funding to increase odds of application acceptance.

Create a Schedule of Operations
CIBO Impact generates a field-level plan with selected practices for the grower to present to the NRCS.


Digitized Application Process

Ensuring Complete Applications
CIBO Impact lets growers know which forms they need to include in their application, e.g., historically underserved certification or adjusted gross income form. This eliminates the common problem of growers missing and searching for the right forms.

Pre-populating Forms
CIBO saves growers time by pre-populating forms.

Integrating with DocuSign
Growers conveniently e-sign their applications before submitting to their local NRCS office.


Benefits to Companies Sponsoring Scope 3 Grower Programs

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Grower Trust and Familiarity

By engaging growers with USDA programs they know and trust, CIBO is creating more touch points between growers and private Scope 3 program sponsors.

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Automatic Prequalification Encourages Stacking

Once they have completed the USDA eligibility process, growers/fields can be automatically prequalified for Scope 3 programs. Growers can immediately see the financial opportunity of stacking private incentives, increasing the likelihood they will enroll.

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Reach More Growers and Acres

CIBO’s network of grower-focused organizations augment your program’s reach. As they enroll growers in USDA programs, they bring more acres into private programs, too.

Explore More CIBO Impact Capabilities

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Syndicate EQIP and other programs to your Grower Network


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Stack Scope 3 with government programs


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