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The Comprehensive Platform Powering the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

Successfully Deliver Farmer-Focused Ag Programs and Meet Sustainability Commitments

CIBO Impact is an advanced software platform that helps enterprises scale their grower-focused initiatives and deliver on their sustainability and climate commitments. 

Food, fiber, feed and fuel companies use CIBO Impact to design and deploy conservation agriculture programs, including Scope 3 reduction, carbon credits, low-carbon-intensity feedstock sourcing and government-sponsored. CIBO Impact is the complete solution connecting growers, enterprises and ecosystems.

Develop and Deploy Programs

Simplify Grower Enrollment and Participation 
CIBO Impact’s digitized workflows for eligibility, enrollment and data collection simplify grower participation and drive program growth.

Model, Monitor, Verify and Report
CIBO Impact combines advanced science-based ecosystem modeling and AI-enhanced computer vision with our programs engine so you can detect practice changes, quantify outcomes and track your progress.

Maximize Grower Participation with Incentive Stacking
CIBO Impact is the industry’s only platform enabling growers to see eligibility and apply for public and private programs simultaneously. Growers maximize their payments and program sponsors benefit from improved engagement and enrollment.

Scale Scope 3 Baselining, Reduction and Reporting

Define and Baseline Your Inventory 
Identify your supply shed geography and rapidly calculate your emissions baseline. CIBO Impact remote-senses practices and our model calculates carbon footprint and carbon intensity, at scale, without requiring growers to input their data.

Design Your Strategy and Deliver Your Programs 
Set greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets in alignment with requirements from standard-setting bodies like Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and SBTi. Perform what-if analyses to understand the potential GHG impact if growers in your supply shed change practices, and deploy programs to drive that change.

Deliver Corporate Reporting
Model and quantify year-over-year progress for annual reporting. Report-ready data can integrate with external inventory database platforms and aligns with voluntary standards like GHGP, SBTi Forest Land and Agriculture guidance (FLAG) and CDP.

GHG Accounting & Standards Expertise

CIBO reviews and participates in the development of Scope 3 standards with organizations including Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Value Change Initiative, and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). As standards evolve, we ensure your reporting and programs align.

Easily Identify Control Plots and Sampling Plans for Measure-Remeasure Programs

Rapidly Identify Control Plots
Ensure similar practice history, soil type and weather between control and experimental plots to eliminate these common variables.

Meet Verra Standards
Projects comply with Verra’s VM0042 protocol for agricultural carbon credit generation at scale, ensuring projects meet the industry’s highest standard.

Simplify Soil Sampling
Automatically identify the right soil sampling points to ensure consistent sampling.

Workflow to Manage and Communicate Changes
Simplify communication and changes to the control plot plan with your growers, without compromising project validity and integrity.

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SOC-2 Certified

CIBO performs SOC 2 assessments on an annual basis and makes the compliance report available to current or potential customers upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement. The SOC 2 certification is widely recognized as a signal of trust and security.

The Science Behind CIBO

We combine proprietary, science-based ecosystem modeling with artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision to understand agricultural systems and quantify their impact, from field-level to continental scales.

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