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The Tech for Deep Connections.

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CIBO ImpactTM brings deeper connections, more clarity and greater control to regenerative practices.

Scale Your Impact

CIBO believes in helping each farmer connect with land in a new way. We’ve developed technologies that clarify the best restorative choices to make and offer ways to reap the benefits of doing the right thing. Our process distills data into actionable information that lets farmers take control; our integrated marketplace defines value to guide carbon credits, forging broad-scale sustainable paths for the entire food chain.


CIBO offers carbon sellers and buyers an innovative,
efficient carbon market


CIBO Impact enables transparent carbon quantification and practice verification. Enterprises using CIBO Impact have control and visibility over the complete set of science-based regenerative metrics at scale.
Impact Regen Potential
Impact Offset Potential
Impact Management History
Impact GG Emissions
Greenhouse Gas
Impact Nitrogen Leaching
Impact Carbon Footprint
Impact Remote Verification
Impact Soil Erosion

CIBO’s differentiated approach offers carbon sellers and buyers an innovative, efficient carbon market

Growers & Owners

Farmers & Land Owners

Farmers can generate carbon credits for regenerative practices. CIBO calculates the Regenerative Potential for all parcels in the US so farmers can understand the potential of a parcel to generate carbon credits. CIBO then provides the tools that enable a user to calculate Carbon Credits, based on their actual or future practices.

  • Understand carbon potential without enrolling; minimal effort to enroll in the program
  • Rapid and simple program enrollment
  • Generation and sale of carbon credits annually for that year’s practices
  • Large portion of sales go to the farmer
  • Farmer owns the credits



Why Growers Enroll Their Fields in CIBO Impact

Meet CIBO’s Partner Farmers

Dustin Madison

Agronomy Consultant with operations in Virginia

Learn More

Kyle Mehmen

Co-Owner and GM at MBS Family Farms with operations in Iowa and Minnesota

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CC Buyers

Carbon Credit Buyers

CIBO Impact helps companies follow-through on their carbon reduction commitments by creating a first-of-its-kind, voluntary carbon marketplace for direct access to carbon credits generated by farmers. This approach connects companies to farmers, and enables farmers to sell credits annually for the sustainable and regenerative practices they’ve implemented.

CIBO Impact:

  • Enables organizations to purchase credits in bulk at a set price or bid, or pre-order
  • Enables individuals to purchase credits online with a credit card
  • Complete transparency with a direct view to the actual fields 
  • Can be operated on specific portfolios of land on behalf of a commercial buyer or sponsor
  • Can pay to incent behaviors rather than buy credits



How CIBO is Changing the Carbon Credits Market

CIBO Impact Verification

CIBO provides unbiased, transparent emissions quantification, verification and carbon credit registration services.

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CIBO uses modeling to quantify the reduction in GHG emissions and soil carbon sequestration from the adoption of regenerative agriculture. CIBO quantifies:

  • Fertilizer CO2
  • Diesel CO2
  • Soil CO2 Change
  • N2O
  • Soil Erosion

Impact Remote Verification


CIBO verifies the implementation of sustainable farming practices. This includes detailed sustainability modeling with SALUS, remote sensing and computer vision from satellite data, and ground truthing. CIBO Verifies:

  • Tillage practices
  • Cover cropping
  • Cash crop emergence
  • Nitrogen application
  • Crop rotation
  • Biomass residue
  • Other management practices

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Download the eBook