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Make an Impact

CIBO Impactis the Transformative Platform for Regenerative Agriculture

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with CIBO

CIBO Impact was created to scale regenerative agriculture with a voluntary carbon marketplace. Individuals and companies can meet and exceed their climate and carbon goals. With CIBO, you can reduce your carbon footprint while helping US farmers.

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How CIBO Impact Works

Owners & Growers


  • Complete decision support. Discover, manage and invest in new land
  • See the Regenerative Potential of any field
  • Easy and complete access to public, proprietary and ownership data
  • See interactive satellite, topography, soil map and other field imagery
  • Complete weather, management history, yield and productivity for each parcel
  • Yield & field calculations show in-season results for practices you define

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CC Buyers

CIBO Carbon

  • Incentivize regenerative practices for US farmers
  • Buy agricultural carbon credits from growers in your network or from the general pool
  • Subscribe to farm-based carbon credits for one year or many
  • Growers and owners generate and sell carbon credits in the same year that are created
  • Easy enrollment and rapid payment with the innovative CIBO REAP program

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Audiences Enterprise

CIBO Enterprise

  • Create, monitor and manage incentives for your growers and suppliers
  • Portfolio insights roll-up for every field and farm in your network
  • Easily enroll and manage growers in your supply chain individually or as a group
  • Quantify the carbon, climate and environmental impact of your agricultural network
  • Easy API integration to your enterprise applications

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A New, Science-based Way to Impact Climate Change

Achieve your climate and carbon goals by purchasing carbon offsets that directly support American farmers and regenerate the land.

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CIBO helps enterprises & operations scale, accelerate, locate and manage regenerative agriculture


Powerful Search

Quickly explore millions of parcels using advanced search criteria like value, owner, productivity, regenerative potential, and more.


Objective Insights

Understand the true potential of land with exclusive, science-driven insights and proprietary data—in one place, for every parcel.


Intuitive Access

Easy and innovative access to public, private and proprietary land data like soil, weather and CIBO insights — for every parcel.

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Download the eBook