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We deliver powerful insights about farmland

Founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2015, CiBO is delivering objective, science-driven information about land to all constituents, creating transparency that will drive efficiencies and optimization in these markets. Our proprietary insights include valuation, productivity, reliability, and sustainability for each parcel in the US. CiBO also provides convenient access to publicly available information, including soil maps, weather history, satellite imagery, and owner information.

This first-of-its-kind land information platform leverages artificial intelligence, mechanistic ecosystem simulation, and computer vision to generate proprietary insights from over 1 petabyte of public and proprietary input data. It enables powerful search capabilities based on multiple criteria or map navigation and then provides rich details on the selected parcels. The platform is accessible through an intuitive interface, using a browser or IOS or Android mobile app.

Scoring the Land

We are on a mission to “decode” the landscape by leveraging our unique technology platform to generate simple scores that can be used to efficiently evaluate and compare parcels of land.


CiBO Valuation

We use expert data science, robust modeling, and a little common sense to come up with our best estimate of an agricultural parcel’s fair market value.
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CiBO Field Reliability

We break a parcel into performance zones to better understand which areas of a field perform consistently, year-over-year.
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CiBO Productivity

We simulate the day-to-day growth of a crop to estimate past yields and assess overall productivity of a parcel, independent of a farmer’s data.
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CiBO Sustainability

By modeling the complex interactions of crops, soil, weather, and management we can measure the environmental impact of farming an individual parcel.
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Before your download..

Before your download..