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Deploy Your USDA Regional Conservation Partnership Program with CIBO Impact

Streamline RCPP delivery and management

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Digitized Workflow to Simplify RCPP for You and Your Growers

CIBO Impact, the end-to-end platform for managing large-scale regenerative agriculture programs, offers the first-of-its-kind USDA program solution enabling simplified Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) enrollment and management. Streamline program delivery, improve the grower experience, and easily collect data you need to track your progress enrolling growers and acres via CIBO Impact.

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The Benefits of Using CIBO Impact for RCPP

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Easily Configure Programs and Enroll Growers

CIBO Impact’s flexible programs engine allows sponsors to easily configure program requirements at the grower and field levels. The platform enables growers to rapidly determine eligibility and save time creating applications.

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Efficiently Manage Programs

CIBO Impact helps you evaluate applications and keep your project organized. Customize ranking criteria to prioritize applications. Pre-populate job sheets and review growers’ operations schedules.

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Track and Report on Progress

Partners easily monitor applications progress by acres, practices, resource concerns and grower demographics. Use CIBO’s validated ecosystem model to calculate and report on the carbon footprint of project acres or carbon intensity of commodities.

Improve Grower Engagement with Incentive Stacking

CIBO Impact informs growers if they are eligible to enroll in private programs in their area, such as Scope 3 or carbon credit programs. If allowed, growers can stack RCPP with private incentives, maximizing their cost share and return on investment when adopting conservation practices.

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Find Eligible Applicants with CIBO’s Grower Network Partners

Leverage CIBO’s network of grower-focused organizations to find fields and growers that are potentially eligible to participate in your program.

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How the USDA's $1.5 Billion Boost in Conservation Funding is Reshaping Agriculture

The USDA’s $1.5 billion investment in the RCPP marks a significant milestone in the journey toward sustainable agriculture and environmental resilience. By combining financial support with streamlined processes and innovative solutions, the agency is advancing conservation goals and empowering farmers to thrive in an era of climate uncertainty. As we continue to confront the challenges posed by climate change, such collaborative efforts between government, industry, and technology providers will be essential in forging a more sustainable and resilient future for agriculture and the planet.

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