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Deploy Your USDA Regional Conservation Partnership Program with CIBO Impact

Streamline RCPP delivery and management

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Digitized Workflow to Simplify RCPP for You and Your Growers

CIBO Impact, the end-to-end platform for managing large-scale regenerative agriculture programs, offers the first-of-its-kind USDA program solution enabling simplified Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) enrollment and management. Streamline program delivery, improve the grower experience, and easily collect data you need to track your progress enrolling growers and acres via CIBO Impact.

The Benefits of Using CIBO Impact for RCPP

  • Simplify Program Delivery: Digitized National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (FSA) application forms make the application process faster and more organized for growers and RCPP grant recipients.
  • Reduce Application Time: CIBO Impact identifies resource concerns at the field level according to NRCS guidance and allows growers to select eligible practices to apply for funding. This reduces application time and improves the quality and completeness of RCPP applications.
  • Track and Report on Progress: Partners easily monitor applications progress by acres, practices and resource concerns. Track progress toward engaging historically underserved growers.