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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Any industry can become carbon neutral by buying verified Carbon Credits from American farmers.

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Industries 1

How Financial Services can Leverage Carbon Credits

Evaluate land risk and prospect new customers much more easily and accurately.

  • Enables organizations to purchase credits in bulk at set price or bid, or pre-order
  • Complete transparency with a direct view to the actual fields
  • Can be operated on specific portfolios of land on behalf of a commercial buyer or sponsor
  • Can pay to incent behaviors rather than buy credits
Industries 2

Building Carbon Credits into your Investment Strategy

Investors can follow-through on carbon reduction commitments by joining the CIBO marketplace for direct access to carbon credits generated by farmers.

  • Gain transparency with a direct view to the actual fields and operators.
  • Purchase credits in bulk at set price or bid.
  • Fields enrolled in the carbon program can be scaled from a specific field to nationally available land.
Industries 3

Adding Carbon Credits to Large Land Operations

Improve and distinguish your customer service with richer land information and more accurate comps about the land parcels you sell.

  • Enjoy easy access to detailed, objective information about a land parcel from a single technology platform.
  • Provide richer land details to clients without having to first obtain them from land owners.
  • Discover which practices will make fields more productive and sustainable.
Industries 4

How Consumer Goods Companies can Go Carbon Neutral

Scale regenerative agriculture across your supply chain to help all CPG products in your portfolio go green.

  • Directly incent farmer-partners for regenerative practices, and/or enroll them in the carbon marketplace.
  • Calculate the footprint of your supply chain, customer base, or owned land.
  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and understand the environmental impact of prospective land.
Industries 5

Opportunities for Agriculture Retailers to use Carbon Credits

Grow sales and increase customer retention more effectively than what you can do with traditional methods.

  • Better serve customers by giving them increased knowledge about operating their land.
  • Prospect new clients more deeply in order to deliver customized offerings that resonate with them.
  • Monitor the sustainable practices of farms within your portfolio.
Industries 6

Making Carbon Credits a Priority in your REIT Portfolio

Understand the current impact as well as potential improvement based on new practices on your real estate investments.

  • Quantify the footprint of an entire food production system and its total carbon offset potential.
  • Efficiently track and manage growers and fields enrolled in carbon offset programs.
  • Receive automated notifications on events impacting the portfolio and communicate with operators through app notifications.
Industries 7

How Carbon Credits can Drive Clean Energy

Help your energy supply chain become part of the climate solution by supporting the growers investing in regenerative farming.

  • Buy carbon credits directly from sustainable growers.
  • Find out the sustainable actions of fields within your supply chain.
  • Monitor and evaluate the farms and fields where you are buying carbon credits.
Industries 8

Government Programs Go Green

Understand the carbon footprint of farming under various management practices, efficiently verify those practices, and incent growers for regenerative management.

  • Understand the carbon footprint of farming under various management practices.
  • Verify practices, and incent growers for regenerative management with payments, discounts or carbon purchases
  • Understand and manage portfolios, including their suppliers, owners or operators across the US

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