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Source Low-Carbon Feedstocks

Incorporate CIBO’s breakthrough approach to scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture into your business.

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Lower Carbon Intensity with Low-Carbon Feedstocks

The renewable fuels industry has pledged to reduce the carbon footprint of ethanol to 70% less than gasoline by 2030. CIBO can help you achieve that milestone.

CIBO helps renewable fuels producers identify and source low-carbon corn from growers using regenerative farming practices. We offer the only commercially available solution that can manage large-scale regenerative agriculture programs. From grower identification and enrollment, to verification of practices, to quantification and reporting on carbon, CIBO delivers results at scale.

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Interested in Learning More About CIBO?

Find out how to design, build and implement your carbon offset and Scope 3 reduction programs.

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CIBO is the End-to-End Solution for Creating and Managing Low-Carbon Programs

Bring Carbon & Climate Programs to Life with CIBO Impact

See how to turn climate commitments into action plans

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Accelerating Toward Net Zero Ethanol

Looking for a deep dive into how the renewable fuels industry is approaching becoming more sustainable? Read The Definitive Guide to Low Carbon Corn For Carbon Neutral Ethanol to find out how the industry is identifying and sourcing low-carbon corn from growers using regenerative farming practices for a low carbon fuel standard.

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The Science Behind CIBO

Discover the technology behind CIBO’s platform

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How to Source Low-Carbon Feedstocks with CIBO

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See how to incorporate CIBO into your low-carbon ethanol program.

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