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CIBO Impact enables any individual or organization to scale & accelerate regenerative agriculture.


Our Story

CIBO was founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2015, with the big idea of applying advanced science and technology to generate a deep understanding of land and agricultural systems at scale, and without local data.

Today, we are building a new way to gain insight into land, and create a powerful agricultural ecosystem. One that promises farms enriched by restorative and other sustainable practices, for a more profitable future. One that provides clarity around supply chain footprints and carbon potential, and the ability to identify and evaluate resilient land.


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Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

With our transformative technology, CIBO clarifies the best restorative choices, enabling farmers to reap the full rewards of sustainable practices. Our data-driven platform distills information into actionable insights; our integrated marketplace guides and calculates land valuation and carbon credits.

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Scaling the Agricultural Carbon Credit Market

CIBO connects individuals and organizations to verifiable, US agriculture-based carbon credits. We help farmers generate and sell carbon credits from their regenerative practices by verifying these practices through proven, science-based technology. By opening up the carbon market for both buyers and sellers, CIBO is focused on driving the transition to sustainable agriculture: providing an understanding of the land and its regenerative potential.

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Understanding Every Parcel, Everywhere

CIBO’s mission is to help accelerate sustainable farming by providing both the scale and depth of information about each farmland parcel in the U.S. Our proprietary approach gives stakeholders who aren’t personally familiar with a piece of land comprehensive data about it—and a new, common language for understanding it. CIBO provides control and visibility over the complete set of science-based regenerative metrics at scale.

Our Team

Meet our team of scientists, engineers, and business professionals committed to transforming the way we understand, value, and sustain the land around us.
Meet the CIBO Team
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Download the eBook:

The Definitive Guide To Enterprise Supply & Value Chain Sustainability

Download the eBook:

The Definitive Guide To Enterprise Supply & Value Chain Sustainability

Download the eBook

The Definitive Guide To Carbon and Climate Commitments

Download the eBook

Download the eBook:

2020 WASDE Companion E-Book