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How Anyone Can Predict Parcel Productivity Anywhere in the U.S.


Until now, understanding the crop yield for a particular parcel for a given year meant you would have to:

  1. Physically travel to that parcel
  2. Conduct a field experiment where you grow a crop
  3. Measure the yield when the crop matures

In theory, understanding yield for a single parcel in this way would work. But it’s long and manual, it costs too much money, and it would be impossible to manage at scale. This approach also made it impossible for a single company to provide that kind of parcel-level insight across the U.S., for any year of interest. Until now. By uniquely combining proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with subject matter expertise in soil, weather and agronomics, CIBO accurately predicts productivity for any parcel in the U.S.

Only CIBO:

  1. Simulates and provides a range of accurate outcomes for crop development—from planting to harvest—based upon a wide variety of different, potential scenarios
  2. Predicts yields for current & future growing seasons, on scales from a sub-field to the entire continental U.S.
  3. Becomes more accurate as the growing season progresses

CIBO is on a mission to scale regenerative agriculture to help mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience, and improve grower outcomes. To learn more about CIBO’s proprietary approach to yield forecasting, crop modeling, and carbon emissions calculations, and to find out how CIBO Impact can help your company meet its net zero emissions goals, contact us for a demo.

Download the Infographic