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CIBO VP of Sustainability & Regeneration Jenette Ashtekar joins Field to Market Workgroup to Identify and Scale Innovative Finance Mechanisms to Tackle Barriers to Sustainable Agriculture

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture announced the formation of a new workgroup tasked with exploring innovative finance mechanisms and value-added incentive strategies to support U.S. farmers in scaling conservation practices and delivering sustainable outcomes. 

CIBO VP of Sustainability & Regeneration Jenette Ashtekar has joined this group which will bring greater focus to how the value chain can support growers in managing the agronomic and financial risk inherent in transitioning to new practices that are necessary to build a more resilient food and agriculture system.

“Better, more accessible financing will be critical to support growers in their transition to sustainable and regenerative management practices,” said Jenette Ashtekar, CIBO VP of Sustainability & Regeneration. “I’m honored to join this diverse, cross-sector workgroup aimed at uncovering and amplifying the financial and technical mechanism needed to scale the adoption of sustainable  agricultural practices and ensure long term resilience throughout the agricultural value chain.”

“While sustainability measurement is necessary to credibly demonstrate impact, we also know it is not sufficient to advance the sustainability outcomes our industry hopes to achieve,” said Rod Snyder, president, Field to Market. “By convening diverse perspectives and expertise across Field to Market’s membership, we aim to identify and promote the most promising financial mechanisms that will enable our members to achieve their ambitious climate and sustainability goals.”

This workgroup will conduct a landscape assessment of creative finance and value-added incentive mechanisms currently being utilized or considered by the supply chain to accelerate sustainability at the farm level. Upon completion of this charter, the workgroup will publish a report by year’s end outlining key findings and recommendations for piloting and scaling finance and value-added incentive mechanisms within supply chain sustainability initiatives.

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