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Establishing a Cleaner Agricultural Premise with Low-Carbon Feedstocks

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ByAgricult Outlook

CIBO Technologies, the climate software company for agriculture, has officially joined the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) as an associate member, ahead of sponsoring the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Minneapolis. According to certain reports, CIBO’s arrival will make it possible for biofuels producers toaccess an end-to-end technology platform, which in turn, can help in sourcing and facilitating low-carbon feedstocks from growers using regenerative practices. In order to understand the real significance of such a development, though, we must acknowledge the fact that IRFA is currently the largest renewable fuels association at the state level, and as for Iowa, it is the biggest ethanol producer across U.S., with 42 ethanol plants capable of producing 4.5 billion gallons annually. Hence, given the scale on which it functions, IRFA will empower CIBO to better reach organizations involved in renewable fuel production, standards advocacy, and policy recommendation. This involves helping biofuel producers identify, incentivize, and source low-carbon feedstocks by scaling regenerative agriculture programs to benefit from the 40B/45Z tax credit. The next pathway here would be modeling the total carbon intensity and GHG emissions of crops in renewable fuels supply sheds. Then, there is the prospect of recruiting growers who are already producing low-carbon feedstocks. On top of that, CIBO’s partnership with IRFA will let recipientsdeploy, verify, and manage incentive programs in a way which promises to produce low-carbon intensity yields. Rounding up highlights would be IRFA’s pledge to empower CIBO, as well as the eventual growers, by monitoring the status of regenerative programs for carbon reduction and tax credit application.

“We’re excited to join the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and partner with companies in the renewable and biofuels industry that are committed to reducing their footprints and advancing sustainable practices. CIBO can help producers and farmers unlock the potential of tax credits with the only commercially available solution that can manage large-scale regenerative agriculture programs,” said Daniel Ryan, CEO of CIBO Technologies.

Making the entire proposition even better is, of course, CIBO’s existing stature as an industry leader in the agricultural technology space. You see, since startingout back in 2015, CIBO has steadily risen up the ranks by applying advanced technologies to enhance the world’s understanding on agricultural systems, and that too, at any scale. 

 “IRFA aims to foster conversations with Iowa’s ethanol and biodiesel producers to advance renewable fuels production through technological innovations. We are excited to work with CIBO to educate our members on their end-to-end platform solution to identify, enroll and verify growers using regenerative farming,” said Lisa Coffelt, Marketing Director at IRFA.