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Proprietary technology reveals new knowledge about land.

SciTech Collage

CIBO creates connections with the land through transformative technology that can clarify the best restorative choices and avenues to reap the full rewards of sustainable practices. The CIBO platform makes an unmatched depth and scale of farmland information easily available to any user, regardless of technical expertise. Our proprietary valuation and land scoring processes blend more than one petabyte of proprietary data with tough-to-reach public information to generate simple scores anyone can use to become more sustainable agriculture practices.

Here’s how CIBO works.

We combine proprietary, science-based ecosystem simulation with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and computer vision to evaluate land potential across multiple data layers in a powerful, new way.
Tech Simulation

Science-based simulation

  • Utilizes a systems-based approach to crop and environmental modeling
  • Simulates real-world and theoretical scenarios at a parcel-level
Tech Data

Robust data infrastructure

  • Features multiple layers of environmental and economic data at scale
  • Enables easy access to publicly available—but generally hard-to-reach—data, such as satellite imagery, weather history, soil maps, parcel records, and historical practices
Tech CV

Advanced computer vision

  • Taps more than 500TB of satellite data to map variations in field performance
  • Analyzes images to accurately determine field boundaries, planting history, and management practices

The CIBO Platform

The CIBO platform applies proprietary data science algorithms and AI modeling to remotely sensed data, and is backed by some of the best minds in the agricultural industry. It’s powerful and high-performing—and also incredibly easy to use.
TechFeatures PowerfulSearch opt

Powerful search

  • Makes land searches easy with capabilities like type-ahead location search, map-based search, and owner search
  • Lets you easily complete advanced searches for parcels locally or nationally against 20+ criteria, including all proprietary and public metrics

Objective insights

  • Leverages models, simulations, algorithms, and insights tested against an extensive farm-level dataset provided by CIBO farmer partners
  • Continuously updates to reflect the latest market and field developments based upon weather information, satellite imagery, and updated in-season forecasts for factors like yield, planting acres, and crop maturity timing
TechFeatures Access opt

Simple, intuitive access

  • Provides a familiar, consumer-like experience accessible from a web browser, mobile web, and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Lets you easily aggregate data at a field level to better inform operational decisions