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Billy Cripe Headshot Image

Billy Cripe

VP, Marketing

Billy Cripe is a transformation marketing executive who focuses on data-driven business development and creating new addressable markets. He has a background in product management, programming and analytics. His focus the last 10+ years has been on marketing emerging technologies and market disruption. Billy has focused on the B2B and deep technology space. He creates growth-driven, go-to-market and market-building strategies that have proven successful in creating exponential growth, marketplace disruption and driving product pivots. Billy has held CMO and marketing leadership roles for large and small companies from Oracle to Field Nation, Fidelis and Nubeva. At CIBO, Billy is focused on creating market-wide awareness, engagement and enthusiasm for the next generation of land-based insight, operation, and transaction. 

Billy is a published author of 2 books on collaboration. In his spare time, Billy loves to mountain bike, run his wine blog, study AI ethics and read. He is also a huge Star Wars fanboy.