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CIBO Helps Companies Bring Scope 3 Programs to Life

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The CIBO Impact corporate reporting for Scope 3 solution is the only one to combine detailed carbon footprint and carbon intensity with a platform to deliver intervention programs to your specific supply shed farmers without disruption. Start making your impact with CIBO Impact.

CIBO Technologies’ Scope 3 impact reporting combines baseline and supply shed inventory setting with our intelligent programs engine, soil and transportation emissions factor modeling, satellite-based computer vision for practice verification, automated prequalification and enrollment, and the ability to multiply the effectiveness of your initiatives with other private and public programs like USDA EQIP.

CIBO Impact provides you the flexibility you require to configure their programs according to your requirements, such as:

  • Farmer & Acre Qualifications: Set qualifications such as crop type, location, practice start date, etc.
  • Incentives: Set the incentive level and type, e.g., pay-per-acre
  • Budget: Set goals and caps on acres, fields or participants to fit their budget
  • Dates: Decide program start and end dates.

Connect with CIBO Technologies today and let us start your 2024 Scope 3 agriculture emissions reduction programs together.