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CIBO Certified Crop Advisor Pathway:

Why it’s Important to be a Certified Crop Advisor


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Anne Fairfield-sonn

What is a Certified Crop Advisor Certification?

The purpose of a certification program is to protect the public and the profession. The same is true of our certifications. They are voluntary professional enhancements to a person’s career credentials. Once certified you are telling your clients, employer and the public that you are serious about what you do as a professional. All successful certification programs have one common element and that is, to serve and protect the public interest. Many professions require a license to practice such as in medicine, engineering, and accounting. A license is basically a certification program offered by the state. If a profession is licensed, it is generally required that a person have a license to practice in that profession. Certification programs offered by ASA are voluntary, but offer similar benefits to the public as licensing programs. Certification programs set standards for knowledge, skills, and conduct.

Ed RuffCCA of the Year, 2006

“Being a CCA, “gains respect from farmers and adds to their confidence that the recommendations are adds credibility.”

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