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CIBO Certified Crop Advisor Pathway:

Why it’s Important to be a Certified Crop Advisor


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Anne Fairfield-sonn

What is a Certified Crop Advisor Certification?

The purpose of a certification program is to protect the public and the profession. The same is true of our certifications. They are voluntary professional enhancements to a person’s career credentials. Once certified you are telling your clients, employer and the public that you are serious about what you do as a professional. All successful certification programs have one common element and that is, to serve and protect the public interest. Many professions require a license to practice such as in medicine, engineering, and accounting. A license is basically a certification program offered by the state. If a profession is licensed, it is generally required that a person have a license to practice in that profession. Certification programs offered by ASA are voluntary, but offer similar benefits to the public as licensing programs. Certification programs set standards for knowledge, skills, and conduct.

About the Program

CCA is a certification program of the American Society of Agronomy (ASA). ASA established the certification programs more than 15 years ago to provide a benchmark for practicing agronomy professionals.

Steps to Certification:

  • Pass two comprehensive exams covering nutrient management, soil and water management, integrated pest management, and crop management.
  • At least two years of documented crop advising experience with grower references for holders of a Bachelor of Science degree or four years of documented post-high school advising experience including grower references.
  • Must sign and adhere to the CCA code of ethics, meaning, they always focus on grower profitability while optimizing and protecting natural resources.
  • Earning 40 hours of continuing education every two years. CCAs always have the latest information on new technology and industry developments.

Ed RuffCCA of the Year, 2006

“Being a CCA, “gains respect from farmers and adds to their confidence that the recommendations are adds credibility.”

Certified Crop Adviser (CCA)

Every day, you face the challenge of both protecting the environment and ensuring economic success for your clients, employer, and yourself. The American Society of Agronomy’s certification programs provide you with Sound Advice coupled with the tools you need to succeed in all areas.

Earning CPAg Certification brings you:

  • Opportunity: Your job opportunities and potential for earning and advancement will increase.
  • Recognition: You are acknowledged by employers and clientele as a credible and competent adviser and partner.
  • Respect: You are highly regarded — above other professionals — as an adviser, consultant, and/or teacher of agronomic practices.
  • Pride: Your dedication to furthering your skills and continuing your education is obvious to all.

CPAg Certification is the standard by which agronomy professionals are judged nationwide. For more than 30 years, ASA’s certification programs have set and maintained the highest of standards that benefit you and your chosen career.

Who Should Be Certified?

An agronomist that advises agriculture growers on agronomic practices, conducts training programs for other agronomists, conducts research, manages other agronomists, or provides technical support to field agronomists and can meet the standards of the program.

Any individual whose education, experience, and career path is associated with the practice of agronomy, including:

  • Field agronomists or salespeople working in public, private, or commercial sectors
  • Consultants and farm managers
  • Natural resource conservation personnel
  • Educators and extension specialists
  • Government and academic scientists and agronomy researchers
  • Technical support personnel

Get Certified

Application forms and information on exams and criteria are available at or by calling 608-273-8085.

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