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USDA – A Strategy to Improve Soil Health in a Midwest Corn-Soybean Cropping System


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Anne Fairfield-sonn

Source: USDA – A Strategy to Improve Soil Health in a Midwest Corn-Soybean Cropping System

Farmers who use quality no-till systems to improve soil health find that the integration of single cropping practices into a system provide benefits to the whole system that exceed the sum of the parts. Managing for Soil Health is recognized as a regenerative approach for farmers to achieve resilience to the effects of extreme weather conditions and attain higher yield capacity on any soil in any year.

The following is an approach for a corn-soybean farmer interested in a no-till cropping system that is low in risk, and will jump start nearly any soil type toward higher production capacity and function:

Additional Sources

Indiana NRCS Soil Health website: soil_health.html

Indiana Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative website:

National NRCS Soil Health website: health/

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