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Easily Build Control Plots and Soil Sampling Plans

Incorporate CIBO’s breakthrough approach to scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture into your sustainability goals

Meet CIBO Control Plot Manager

CIBO Control Plot Manager, a feature of CIBO Impact, enables companies and growers to rapidly identify scientifically valid control plots and soil sampling plans for field trials and carbon or Scope 3 programs that require a measure-remeasure methodology instead of, or in addition to, modeling.

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Measure Regenerative Agriculture Changes with a Scientifically Valid Control

CIBO’s Control Plot Manager addresses four key challenges all soil-sampling-based carbon regimens face.

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The Complexity Challenge

Control plots must have identical soil type, practice history and weather to fields where non-modeled inputs such as biologicals are applied. CIBO instantly identifies and qualifies candidate plots based on these factors.

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The Field Selection Challenge

Reserving a field for a control plot is potentially disruptive to grower operations, so flexibility is key. Growers must be able to choose different fields for the control without risking program disqualification or invalid results. CIBO prequalifies multiple fields and presents growers with options.

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The Soil Sampling Challenge

The control plot must be sampled throughout the carbon farming project. Control Plot Manager generates exportable sampling points and plans, ensuring that consistent samples are taken throughout the program or trial.

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The Grower Engagement Challenge

Growers, program developers and sponsoring companies lack a tool for easy communication and management of control plot-driven projects. Control Plot Manager removes program guesswork and increases program efficiency by simplifying the workflow, program communications, monitoring and reporting.

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See how to efficiently build control plots into your sustainability goals with CIBO.

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Challenges CIBO Solves for Scientifically Valid Control Plots

Show the Impact of Regenerative Agriculture

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Rapidly Identify Control Plots

Ensure practice history, soil type and weather matches between control and experimental plots to eliminate these common variables.

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Meet Verra Standards

Projects comply with Verra’s VM0042 protocol for agricultural carbon credit generation at scale, ensuring projects meet the industry’s highest standard.

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Simplified Soil Sampling

Automatically identify the right soil sampling points.

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Manage and Communicate Changes

Simplify communication and changes to the control plot plan, without compromising project validity and integrity.

Bring Carbon & Climate Programs to Life with CIBO Impact

See how to efficiently meet your sustainability goals with CIBO.

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