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Discover Incentives That Pay For Regenerative Farming

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Rewarding Growers for Regenerative Practices

CIBO Grower connects farmers with incentive programs like pay for practice initiatives, input discounts, and premiums for sustainably grown grains for growers who engage in sustainable practices.

The ROI of Regeneration

CIBO Grower helps farmers find and enroll in programs to get paid for regenerative practices. Quickly see incentives for which you qualify. Start your journey to regenerative ag with CIBO Grower. New incentives being added regularly.

Shane FeeAgricultural Banker and Community Bank President based in Illinois and Missouri

“CIBO has been a terrific partner in my farm’s transition to regenerative agriculture. My interest in reducing the carbon emissions from our family farm could not have been realized were it not for the folks at CIBO Technologies. CIBO understands the challenges a farm faces when transitioning to more regenerative practices.”

How CIBO Promotes Climate-Resilient Agriculture

Produce climate-resilient yields. Gain better control over input costs. Preserve soil, water, and land health in Year 1 and see it improve through additional years. CIBO Grower connects farmers with incentives that help them get started and keeps them growing their regenerative programs.

Accelerate the time to regenerative ROI and stack sustainable incentives with CIBO.

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CIBO Submits First U.S.-Based Agricultural Carbon Project to Verra

CIBO’s Verra project was designed from the ground up to support enterprises throughout the food and agriculture value chain

The Benefits of Choosing Regenerative Farming

CIBO Grower brings deeper connections, more clarity and greater control to regenerative practices.


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