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What is an Agriculture Carbon Credit?

Growing operations have traditionally earned money through raising high-quality crops but now carbon markets are opening up a new revenue stream. Farmers can get paid for transitioning to regenerative agriculture practices by trapping carbon dioxide in their soil and reducing carbon emissions on the farm. But what exactly is a carbon credit and how is it produced? 

What is an agriculture carbon credit?

A carbon credit is a certificate that a practice has removed 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In agriculture, a carbon credit is generated through broad adoption of farm management practices that replenish the soil and help trap carbon in the ground, meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and improvements in soil-based carbon sequestration.

How do farmers generate carbon credits?

By adopting regenerative farming practices such as cover cropping, and reduced tillage farms can reduce carbon emissions. Farmers enroll their fields in carbon markets and the land information about practices is reviewed and approved. After the cash crop for the growing season emerges and practices are validated, the carbon credits are listed for sale in the marketplace.

How are carbon credits verified?

At CIBO, our team uses modeling and remote satellite sensing to quantify the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. With remote satellite sensing, computer vision, and physical inspection, CIBO verifies tillage practice, cover cropping, cash crop emergence, and nitrogen application. Finally, after completing the verification process, verified carbon credits are added to the CIBO marketplace. 

At CIBO, we believe in helping every grower connect with the land in a new way. Regenerative agriculture is part of the solution farmers are adopting to address sustainable farm management and promote long-term productivity and profitability. That’s why we’ve developed technologies that help farmers reap the benefits of doing the right thing. 

Whether you are a farmer looking to get paid for your practice or an organization looking to become carbon neutral, CIBO can help. Get started with CIBO Impact. 

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