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The Easiest, Most Direct Source of Verified Agricultural Carbon Credits

Exceed your carbon and climate goals by buying verified carbon credits from American Farmers.

Purchase Carbon Credits

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Every decision matters — even the small ones.

Climate change affects everyone, and by purchasing carbon credits though CIBO Impact™, you can be part of the solution. CIBO Carbon Credits are generated from US farmers’ regenerative practices, which help rebuild the soil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Connect with Click-And-Buy Carbon Credits

CIBO Carbon makes it easy to offset the carbon you create by purchasing carbon credits.

Meet Your Enterprise Carbon Reduction Goals

CIBO has developed a breakthrough approach to scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture — it is called CIBO Impact.
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A Trusted Ag Carbon Credit Marketplace

CIBO Carbon helps companies follow through on their carbon commitments by creating a first-of-its-kind, voluntary carbon marketplace for direct access to carbon credits generated by farmers. The purchase of offsets creates an immediate and permanent impact. Because they are based in agricultural practice, they are subscribable and renewable every year.

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Purchase Verified Agriculture Carbon Credits

CIBO Impact connects stakeholders with the regenerative potential of land. CIBO creates clarity on how sustainable farming practices impact the environment and incentives growers through generation of carbon credits and other means.

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Make a Real, Science-Based Impact on Your Supply Chain

Enterprises monitor and quantify the environmental impact of their agriculture network. CPGs, financial services, manufacturers, logistics, investors, and any other organization can find, inspect and prospect for new land.

Carbon Offsets for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB)

CIBO Impact can help any business, no matter the size, go carbon neutral and purchase the carbon credits they need to offset their organization’s footprint.

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How Any Business Can Become Environmentally-Friendly

  • Buy directly from sustainable growers
  • Quantify the carbon impact of any parcel in the US
  • See, understand and evaluate the farms and fields from which you are buying
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Everyone can be a part of the climate solution. Everyone can make an impact.

CIBO believes that everyone should be able to be part of the climate change solution. CIBO Impact is the breakthrough, science-based platform that scales to make carbon credits available from US farmers engaged in regenerative agriculture. Now you can buy carbon credits that put farmers first and help rebuild the soil while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How Carbon Credits Work

What is a Carbon Credit in Agriculture?

What is a Carbon Credit in Agriculture?

A carbon credit is the certificate that a practice has removed 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In agriculture, a carbon credit is generated through broad adoption of farm management practices that replenish the soil and help trap carbon in the ground, meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and improvements in soil-based carbon sequestration.

How are CIBO Carbon Credits Calculated?

How are CIBO Carbon Credits Calculated?

CIBO Carbon Credits are calculated on an annual basis for practices that are implemented over the course of a single growing season– beginning with the planting of a cover crop in the fall and ending with the harvesting of a primary cash crop the following fall.

How does Carbon Offsetting Work?

How does Carbon Offsetting Work?

CIBO’s next-generation technology connects farmers with the carbon credits that come from their own sustainable farming choices and enables them sell their credits directly to individuals with carbon offset commitments or interest, through a new, voluntary carbon marketplace.