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Accelerate Enterprise Insights, Incentives & Decision Support with CIBO

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Enterprise Incentive Management Platform

Build relationships with growers and incentivize farmer-partners for the practices that matter most to you. Monitor, track, manage and verify from a single platform. 

  • Create incentives for growers and suppliers 
  • Easily enroll and manage growers individually or as a group
  • Remotely verify practices and deliver your incentives
Enterprise Portfolio

Portfolio Management

Roll-up insights for each curated collection in your portfolios. Track performance, yield, value and more for each farm, field, and operation across entire portfolios. Manage your land-based assets together with dashboards. Bring science-based insight to your oversight

  • Roll-up analysis for entire portfolio
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Interactive Maps 
  • Customized report content
  • Collaboration and sharing for teams

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Monitor at Scale

Monitor, track and quantify the impact of your agricultural network. Prospect, inspect and discover new land that matches your ESG and investment goals. 

Ideal for Enterprises in CPGs, Financial Services, Logistics, and Investors who need science-based insight for better oversight. 

  • Historic and Current Management Practices 
  • Regenerative Potential & Carbon Footprint
  • In Season Yield Forecasts
  • Ownership 
  • Productivity 
Enterprise Prospecting

Prospecting & Land-Intelligence

Critical intelligence and decision support for everyone from growers and owners to lenders and investor, to input companies, CPGs and retailers. Discover new opportunities and enhance existing relationships to scale your business. 

  • Search & Find New Land & Owners 
  • Compare Identical Metrics Across the US
  • Private Workspaces 
  • Create & Manage Portfolios 
  • Custom Notifications 
  • Built-in Collaboration

Next-Generation Land API

Easy integration to enterprise applications with the CIBO API. Bring CIBO’s breakthrough science-based land and ag system intelligence to your tools and teams. 

  • Intelligent insights 
  • Anticipate yield and productivity for your portfolio and compare against the market
  • Rapidly identify opportunities, owners and values

Let’s talk!

Schedule a meeting and see how to incorporate CIBO Enterprise into your organization.

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Download the eBook