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Unlocking Sustainable Agriculture at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit: Maximizing Grower ROI through Program Stacking

CIBO was proud to be a gold sponsor of the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, which welcomed over 2,400 agri-food businesses, technology giants, start-ups, scale-ups and investors to exchange insights and identify future partners on March 19-20, 2024.

The conference hosted main stage sessions, breakout discussions, and the all-new scale-up hub in the Start-Up Arena, all dedicated to the latest tech discovery and networking in San Francisco. Over 2,300 delegates joined us in person, extending to a global audience of over 2,400 via the interactive livestream.

World Agri Tech 2024 Stats

Stacking Public and Private Incentives to Scale Regenerative Agriculture

At the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, CIBO sat down with the USDA and industry leaders to discuss opportunities to maximize grower ROI through program stacking and simplified enrollment and hear how measure their programs’ impact at scale.

Watch the video to learn how the public and private sectors are incentivizing growers to adopt conservation practices through different initiatives such as NRCS programs, new tax credits like the Clean Fuel Production Credit (45Z), and Scope 3 reduction and carbon credit programs. Providing sufficient financing to support the transition to regenerative agriculture and making funding easily accessible for growers remain key challenges—and drivers—to unlocking a scalable impact.

Host: Daniel Ryan, President & CEO, CIBO Technologies


  • Bill Hohenstein, Director of the USDA Office of Energy and Environmental Policy within the Office of the Chief Economist
  • Jamie Leifker, President of Truterra
  • David Fiocco, Senior Partner at McKinsey


Public and Private Program Stacking: Benefits to Companies Sponsoring Scope 3 Grower Programs

The CIBO team met with customers, prospects and other attendees throughout the conference in our booth. They shared how CIBO is transforming the future of agriculture with CIBO Impact. CIBO Impact is a comprehensive software platform for creating, managing and verifying nature-based agricultural carbon credits and Scope 3 emissions reduction.

WAT 2024 CIBO Team at the Booth

One key message the team shared was the importance of stacking public and private programs. CIBO Impact maximizes grower ROI by enabling stacking of public and private incentives and simplifying program enrollment. CIBO Impact eliminates the most common pain points in the USDA application process for growers, their trusted advisors, and project partners. The platform also makes it easy for growers to stack public and private incentives like Scope 3 programs – speeding the transition to sustainable ag.


Three ways Scope 3 Program Sponsors Benefit From CIBO’s USDA Program Stacking Solution:

#1 Grower Trust and Familiarity: By engaging growers with USDA programs they know and trust, CIBO is creating more touch points between growers and Scope 3 program sponsors.

#2 Time Saving Through Automatic Prequalification: Once they have completed the USDA eligibility process, growers/fields can be automatically prequalified for Scope 3 programs. Growers immediately see the financial opportunity of stacking private incentives, increasing the likelihood they will enroll.

#3 Greater Program Reach: CIBO’s network of grower-focused organizations augment your program’s reach. As they enroll growers in USDA programs, they bring more acres into private programs, too.

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