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2023 In Review: CIBO Impact Highlights

As we wrap up 2023, CIBO is immensely proud of our progress with partners as we deliver on our mission to help mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience, and improve grower outcomes by powering the transition to sustainable agriculture.

In today’s post, we’re looking back at the year’s highlight reel of product accomplishments by the team building and delivering CIBO Impact since it launched in late 2022. In 2023, over 1 million acres across 30 states were enrolled in programs through Truterra’s MyPortal, powered by CIBO Impact; CIBO Control Plot Manager was launched to accelerate Scope 3 and carbon projects that rely on a measure-remeasure approach in addition to or instead of modeling; and the CIBO computer vision team set a new standard for crop visibility with CIBO Crop ID.

CIBO and Truterra: Alleviating the Data Burden for Farmers Connecting with Sustainability Programs

2023 saw Truterra launching MyPortal, powered by CIBO Impact, which alleviates the data burden on farmers when finding, qualifying for, and enrolling in sustainability programs.

“We’ve made incredible progress to scale our business and drive efficiency for farmers when it comes to enrolling in Truterra programs and services,” said Mariah Murphy, Director of Field Services at Truterra. “As a business we are continuously focused on what’s best for the farmer in their conservation journey.”

Within the first months of working together, CIBO helped enroll over 1 million acres across 30 states in Truterra programs through the MyPortal platform. Now and going forward for enrollment, farmers take a short pre-enrollment survey and create a MyPortal profile that incorporates remote-sensed data, which helps streamline the program prequalification and enrollment process.

Truterra MyPortal, powered by the CIBO Impact platform, makes it faster, easier, and more approachable for farmers to discover, engage, and enroll in programs incentivizing sustainable farming practices.

CIBO Control Plot Manager: Accelerating Soil Sampling-Based Scope 3 and Carbon Projects

In October, CIBO announced Control Plot Manager, a unique capability in the CIBO Impact platform that enables companies and growers to rapidly identify scientifically valid control plots and soil sampling plans for field trials and carbon programs that utilize a measure-remeasure methodology instead of, or in addition to, modeling.

CIBO’s Control Plot Manager meets the rigorous Verra VM0042 standards for using control plots to gather soil carbon data with soil sampling and a measure-remeasure approach. The solution is ideally suited for biologicals and input companies, project developers and project sponsors interested in Scope 3 or carbon offset projects with novel products, crops, practices or geographies.

CIBO Crop ID: Setting a New Standard for Crop Visibility and Data

In November, CIBO announced that our computer vision team had generated their latest CIBO Crop ID data set identifying cropland cover for the entire continental U.S. for crop year 2023.

The CIBO science and modeling team combined our computer vision and AI capabilities with an innovative machine learning approach to identify cropland cover with greater accuracy, resolution, and up to five months sooner than the USDA’s Cropland Data Layer (CDL), relied upon by many in the industry to understand the amount of major commodities grown in the previous crop year. Each CIBO Crop ID pixel represents 10×10 meters, compared to the CDL’s 30×30 meter resolution. CIBO’s achievement delivers higher resolution, providing an industry-leading ability to identify crops and land features and deliver high-confidence measurements.

Thank you to our partners for making this an incredible year of growth. We have more exciting announcements coming in 2024 that we can’t wait to share with you. Until then, we wish you a safe holiday season and a healthy start to the new year.