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The Next-Generation Carbon and Climate Solution

CIBO provides access to carbon programs with monitoring, verification, and reporting of farming practices


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Scaling & Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

CIBO helps companies follow-through on their carbon reduction commitments by creating a first-of-its-kind, voluntary carbon marketplace for direct access to carbon credits generated by farmers. The CIBO platform connects farmers with their land’s regenerative potential in a new way that clarifies how farming practices impact the environment and how different practices can be used to generate carbon credits.

How CIBO is Changing the Carbon Credits Market

CIBO delivers programs and a deep understanding of sustainable farming systems that help mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience and improve grower outcomes.

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What is an Agriculture Carbon Credit?

Growing operations have traditionally earned money through raising high-quality crops but now carbon markets are opening up a new revenue stream. Farmers can get paid for transitioning to regenerative agriculture practices by trapping carbon dioxide in their soil and reducing carbon emissions on the farm. But what exactly is a carbon credit and how is it produced?

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Why Agricultural Carbon Credits are High Quality

Sustainability initiatives and carbon management are increasingly part of the conversation organizations are having around the impact of their business practices. The growing trend of investing in carbon credits to offset an organization’s carbon footprint builds in popularity and demand. However, organizations need to make sure they are making the right investments.

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Carbon Markets: How to Realize Climate and ESG Goals

Regenerative agriculture is one of the biggest farming trends of the day; and running alongside that trend are carbon markets. These markets are systems for buying and selling carbon credits that represent greenhouse gas reductions and removals. The reductions and removals are realized by these emerging sustainable agriculture practices that sequester carbon in soil, mitigating its release to, and impact on, our atmosphere. Find out more about why the world needs strong partnerships between growers and companies with Scope 3 emission goals.

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Demystifying Carbon Credits, Carbon Markets, and Carbon Farming

Watch this webinar to hear CIBO will break down carbon credits, carbon markets, and carbon farming. It’s time to lower the barrier of knowledge around carbon marketplaces and empower agriculture stakeholders to take control of their carbon-neutral futures.

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Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards

CIBO Impact was honored as a finalist in the Software category and also received an honorable mention in the AI & Data category.

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