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Three Ways Organizations can Benefit from CIBO Enterprise

The world’s climate experts agree that the world must take urgent action to bring down emissions. The carbon in the earth’s atmosphere is trapping heat and changing the world’s climate. If organizations and individuals don’t take action to curb emissions, the results may be catastrophic. 

To help the world reach “net zero” emissions, meaning that humanity must remove as much carbon as it emits each year, everyone must do their part. Enterprises across the globe are making pledges to do their part. As part of this they are looking for approaches and technology that can help them meet this goal. 

Accelerate Enterprise Insights, Incentives & Decision Support with CIBO Enterprise

CIBO Enterprise provides organizations a path to fulfill their sustainability and regenerative agriculture goals in today’s complex landscape. Now, enterprises can be proactive about reducing their carbon footprint using CIBO to monitor, measure, and commit to regenerative agriculture or to power a private carbon market. Let’s dive deeper into why CIBO Enterprise is a key competent in helping organizations meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

How CIBO Enterprise Adds Value for Organizations 

#1 Custom Land Portfolios 

The biggest benefit of CIBO Enterprise is that it saves organizations time. With CIBO Enterprise, you don’t need to spend time and money to find out updates about fields within your supply chain. Save time and money with visibility into management practices, crops planted, expected yield, harvest dates and carbon footprint across your operations. Curate a portfolio based on geography, owner, management practices and more.

#2 Simple Enrollment Processes 

Quickly enroll growers in the CIBO Impact Program and gain valuable information about your supply chain and operation across the US. CIBO Enterprise allows easy enrollment of growers with customizable criteria so organizations can get the insights they need. CIBO makes the task of tracking fields and gaining valuable information easier to empower organizations to do monitoring and really understand where their supply chains are over or underperforming. 

#3 Real-Time Notifications 

Don’t miss an update on your land with real-time notifications about new yield predictions, observed practices, ownership changes and more. CIBO Enterprise quickly detects and alerts teams when an agricultural event has occurred from a weather event, management practice, or crop verification. Being able to hone in on real-time updates provides enterprises with more information to reach their regenerative agriculture goals.  

CIBO Enterprise Powers Sustainability Goals 

The science-based intelligence of the CIBO model combined with CIBO Enterprise’s comprehensive regenerative agriculture coverage ensures that organizations have the visibility they need to succeed at meeting and exceeding their climate goals. To learn more about how CIBO can help organizations meet their sustainability pledges, find out more about our product. 

Interested in learning more? Contact CIBO to learn more about how we can craft a custom solution for your organization. 

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