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Shop Talk – News in Agriculture

CIBO’s new USDA Solution was featured in a round-up of recent news in the April edition of No-Till Farmer Magazine.

Learn More about CIBO’s USDA Solution – Accessing Public Funding

CIBO Impact offers the first-of-its-kind USDA program solution that supports the application of Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) as well as other USDA-funded programs, including the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) and Climate-Smart Commodities grant projects. The platform offers streamlined program delivery, improves the grower application experience, and easily collects the data organizations need to help growers access public funding. CIBO recognized an opportunity to make the USDA application process more efficient while helping growers improve their chances of receiving funding. The new solution is delivered via CIBO’s grower network partners, composed of co-ops, associations, agronomists, and retailers who are trusted advisors to growers and support them in the application process.

CIBO Impact eliminates the most common pain points in the USDA application process for growers, their trusted advisors, and project partners. Our platform also makes it easy for growers to stack public and private incentives – speeding the transition to sustainable ag.

Learn More about CIBO’s USDA program solution