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Recorded Webinar: Navigating the Changing Scope 3 Landscape

In mid-2023, Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and SBTi were hard at work and introduced significant changes to GHG accounting and reporting standards in the land sector. Some of these changes will be quite significant compared to existing carbon accounting practices in our industry. Such as new emissions source requirements, removals modeling and supply sheds and interventions The challenges of creating and meeting the proposed standards are sizable. However, the opportunities are equally great. Watch the recorded webinar to hear from CIBO’s Director of Agriculture Carbon Grant Ivison-Lane to find out what successful implementation will mean for companies to invest in their supply chains to incentivize and account for farming practices to be adopted over the long term to increase soil health, reduce emissions, and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Key Takeaways :

  • Understanding how the main voluntary standards bodies are addressing the question of how to measure and report emissions and reductions for companies in the ag value chain
  • How two of the most important standards bodies are approaching greenhouse gas accounting and target setting
  • The largest proposed changes to carbon accounting that may alter companies’ current approach and should be monitored closely by organizations with net-zero targets


Additional Resources 

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Getting Started on Your Scope 3 Journey in Agriculture

Addressing consumer and shareholder concerns and bringing climate commitments to life will require a shift in the understanding and practice of agricultural production toward more regeneration and sustainability. Read this eBook to understand emerging GHG reporting and target-setting standards and their role in boosting transparency, ensuring confidence in reporting, and producing meaningful outcomes toward achieving Scope 3 goals.

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