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Recorded Webinar: How the Ethanol Industry is Accelerating Toward Net Zero With Regeneratively Grown Corn

In this recorded webinar, sit down with CIBO VP of Business Development Michael Browne to find out how CIBO is helping ethanol producers on their journey to net-zero carbon emissions by scaling regenerative agriculture into their supply chains.

Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

Why is regenerative farming relevant for renewable fuels?

  • Renewable fuels production is the largest consumer of corn grown in the US. About 40% of US Corn production goes to ethanol, and about 30% of US soybean oil goes to biodiesel.
  • Renewable fuels continue to be a key component to reducing emissions from automobiles. Aside from the pandemic years, ethanol production has steadily increased since 2007.
  • Renewable fuels under pressure from multiple cohorts. Pressure from traditional oil & gas due to market share conflict, and from EV manufacturers and legislative bodies that want to accelerate EV sales.

Agriculture, both on-farm and off, contribute nearly 50% to the overall Carbon Intensity of Ethanol production.  If we can reduce that component by half, our total CI can be reduced by 25%.  This is achievable with regenerative agricultural practices.

Learn more about how regenerative agriculture can help the ethanol industry.

About Michael Browne 

Michael Browne brings over 20 years of experience in the agriculture, commodities and the CPG markets. Most recently, Michael led the commodities team at Barchart, where he successfully grew sales in the Ag and Food and Beverage/CPG areas. Prior to Barchart, Michael held several roles at DTN, from product management, product development and sales, up to full business unit leadership. Throughout his 16-year tenure at DTN, he was instrumental in growing the SaaS based commodity trading solutions business from an early stage startup to an industry leader. Michael’s experience and network span the globe as he has successfully launched sales channel partnerships in Europe for both DTN and Barchart, and has directly done sales and business development in numerous countries worldwide. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a masters degree in Information Systems, and an MBA.