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How Food Companies Can Source Low Carbon Intensity Ingredients & Implement Scope 3 Programs

CIBO enables the food industry, including CPG manufacturers, suppliers and processors, to reduce their Scope 3 emissions and source low-carbon ingredients. CIBO Impact is the only end-to-end solution for developing, delivering and scaling customized regenerative ag programs across crops and geographies to make sustainability commitments a reality.

CIBO will enable your investment in sustainability to make an impact.

  • Connect with your suppliers and their farmers and ranchers to reduce emissions
  • Connect directly with your contracted farmers and ranchers to drive adoption regenerative agriculture practices with our agronomy partners
  • Share your incentive programs via the CIBO Grower Network to expand your impact

Simplify the qualification and enrollment process for your suppliers and grower network, and easily report on outcomes.

Fulfill Your Sustainability Commitments with CIBO

  • Define Supply Shed Boundaries and Baseline GHG Emissions: Identify baseline emissions and carbon intensities (CO2e/yield) of crops within your supply shed and throughout your supply chain.
  • Design Scope 3 Intervention Strategies: Define your own custom interventions for GHG mitigation and reduction to achieve your Scope 3 objectives. CIBO will develop and configure your programs within our CIBO Impact turnkey solution.
  • Deploy Programs for Scope 3 Reduction: Comprehensive platform enables you and your suppliers to manage the entire process of deploying and managing incentive programs, including practice verification, impact quantification and outcome reporting.
  • Enable Suppliers to Engage and Enroll Growers: Growers and their trusted advisors gain rapid understanding of program options, eligibility and potential return, with streamlined program enrollment and status updates.
  • Leverage the CIBO Grower Network: Grow program reach and scale by syndicating programs via CIBO’s Grower Network Partners.
  • Report on Outcomes and Integrate via API: Enhance your ESG governance by bringing program and supply chain intelligence to your whole team via API integration with other enterprise applications.

Learn more about how CIBO can help by requesting a demo today.