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Carbon Reduction for CPG Companies and Food Brands

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Create Sustainable Products

CPG and food companies are looking for ways to invest in the future of agriculture for the benefit of people and the planet. Agriculture contributes heavily to many of the greenhouse gas footprints of companies who manufacture food products. To create healthier products, they need to source ingredients that are low-carbon and give back to the environment. That’s where CIBO comes in.

With CIBO’s Program Engine, companies are able to create incentive programs for sustainable ingredient management that offer opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of farming while at the same time promoting existing customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.

Key Features of CIBO Impact:

  • Understand on-the-Ground Practices: Verify management practices with advanced remote sensing and computer vision. Understand regenerative practice adoption rates to target regions for sourcing or incentive programs.
  • Calculate the Baseline: Identify baseline total cropland emissions and carbon intensities (CO2e/yield) of individual crops within various boundaries like states, watersheds, counties and draw distances.
  • Perform What-If Analysis: Forecast regenerative grain and inset supply. Understand how new practice adoption could reduce absolute emissions and carbon intensity over time.
  • Track Progress Toward Scope 3 Reduction Targets: Quantify progress toward CDP, SBTi and other carbon reduction targets using flexible modeling, verification and reporting.

Bring your carbon reduction goals to life in your products with CIBO.

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