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Carbon Reduction for the Food and Health Industry

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Serve up Sustainable Foods

The food buyers, processors and manufacturers are leading the movement to regenerative agriculture with targeted commitments and large investments in the value chain. The food industry knows that agriculture is a large part of its carbon footprint and they can make an impact via their suppliers and their farmers and ranchers. CIBO has the technology to link their investment with their supply shed to help food companies achieve their commitments, help the environment, and support farmers, ranchers, and their communities.

With CIBO, food companies can ensure their investment in sustainability does reduce environmental impact in their supply shed and enables them to source sustainable ingredients.

Key Features of CIBO Impact:

  • Calculate the Scope 3 Baseline: Identify baseline emissions and carbon intensities (CO2e/yield) of crops within your supply shed and throughout your supply chain.
  • Track Progress Toward Scope 3 Reduction Targets: Quantify progress toward CDP, SBTi and other carbon reduction targets using flexible modeling, verification and reporting.
  • Sponsor and Deploy Programs: Through CIBO’s Grower Network, reach and engage growers throughout your supply shed.
  • Ensure your Scope 3 Accounting is Accurate: Verify actual farming management practices from your supply chain with advanced remote sensing and computer vision. Understand regenerative practice adoption rates and target regions for sustainable sourcing and incentive programs.
  • Forecast Your Impact: Leverage CIBO’s robust model to design programs that optimize carbon reductions and calculate future annual emission reductions in your supply chain, enabling you to make your commitments a reality.

Make your carbon reduction goals reality on your food brands with CIBO.

How Food Companies Source Low-Carbon Intensity Ingredients

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Construct Scalable Low-Carbon Feed Ingredient Programs