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CIBO Tackles 40B and 45Z Programs at FEW In June

CIBO Technologies, a member of the RFA and Iowa RFA is hosting Booth 1804 at the FEW show June 10-12 in Minneapolis, Mn. We are showcasing our unique 40B & 45Z Tax Credit Calculator where biofuels producers can identify how much they can bring in by sourcing regeneratively grown feedstocks like corn and soy.

We know that the GHG emissions of corn and soy farming contribute greatly to the overall GHG emissions of ethanol and SAF. CIBO is focused on helping biofuels producers create incentive programs for the farmers in their supply chain to reduce the GHG emissions of farmed corn and soy destined for an ethanol or ethanol-to-SAF process. This could greatly increase the available tax credit for biofuels producers.

Agriculture, both on-farm and off, contribute nearly 50% to the overall Carbon Intensity of Ethanol production. If we can reduce that farming component by half, our total CI can be reduced by 25%. This level of CI reduction is achievable with regenerative agricultural practices. Similar results hold for biodiesel.

Stop by booth 1804 near the biofuels podcast lounge on the east side of the and meet our team. Meanwhile, discover more details about CIBO’s work in biofuels here.