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4 Steps to Deploying Scope 3 Programs on CIBO Impact

Infographic of CIBO Scope 3 Project

Step 01 – Define Scope 3 Goals and Criteria

Establish a baseline for your supply shed. Then work with CIBO to define your program qualifications and goals, budget, geographic area(s), grower payments and program start and end dates.

Step 02 – Promote Programs to Growers in Your Supply Shed

Promote the program to your grower network on a white-label basis or via CIBO’s network partners.

Step 03 – Prequalify and Enroll Growers

Interested growers securely and efficiently determine if their fields are prequalified and see the potential return. Then enroll via a streamlined process.

Step 04 – Verify Practices and Scope 3 Outcomes

Verify practice changes and calculated carbon outcomes. Report progress toward Scope 3 reduction targets in alignment with GHG Protocol, SBTi or other requirements.

Download the Infographic