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Travis Deppe White Background Wall

Travis Deppe

Director, Grower Engagement

Travis Deppe is the Director of Grower Engagement at CIBO Technologies, a science-driven software startup. Prior to joining CIBO, Travis most recently worked for the Illinois Corn Growers Association where he was responsible for the leadership and administration of a farmer-owned, farmer-driven food and agriculture sustainability program, which supported over 400 farmers in Illinois, Kentucky, and Nebraska, as they worked to employ conservation practices. There he also led IL Corn’s water quality and sustainability initiatives focused on implementing the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy and meeting supply chain sustainability demands. By working closely with other agriculture organizations, conservation groups, agency partners and public entities, Travis developed and implemented education, outreach, and research to help Illinois corn farmers reach their nutrient loss goals and engage in the sustainability conversation.

Travis has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science from Western Illinois University and a master’s degree in Crop and Soil Science from Illinois State University. Travis is a fourth-generation farmer. The family farm is in Logan County, IL, and grows conventional corn and soybeans. Advocating for agriculture has been a deep passion of his, and he has worked to engage all demographics from consumers to legislators. Travis, his wife Alexa, and son Will reside in Heyworth, IL.