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Tamara Kass Headshot

Tamara Kass

VP, Business Development

Tamara Kass is a digital product executive and business strategist with over 20 years of experience in agriculture information services. As the CIBO Vice President of Business Development, she brings expertise in identifying growth opportunities, building partnerships, and creating innovative solutions.

Prior to joining CIBO, Tamara led the digital strategy at CHS, a Fortune 100 Company and the largest agricultural cooperative in the U.S. There she focused on digital transformation, customer experience, and market research, especially of the next generation farmers. Before CHS, Tamara was an executive at DTN, a leading B2B media business, where she led agricultural product management, international business development, go-to-market strategy and media management. She also brings entrepreneurial experience to CIBO, as she founded a startup and M&A consultancy.

She has served on the board of directors for the Agriculture Council of America. Tamara is passionate about enabling farmers to adopt regenerative practices as one of the solutions to climate change while still feeding, clothing and sheltering our growing world.

Tamara has master’s degrees in Business Administration from Indiana University, Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, and International Agriculture Development from Texas A&M University. Her undergraduate work was at Iowa State University.