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Rachel Walwood Headshot

Rachel Walwood

Software Engineer

What led you to software development? 

My path to becoming a developer was long and winding and took me through periods working in technical support, product management, and user experience design. As a product manager, I took on a few small coding projects and found that I really enjoyed the practical, hands-on work, and logical frame of software development. I built up my skills in development by attending FlatIron School’s developer boot camp.  

What is your favorite thing about being a software developer? 

Since I have a background that spans the breadth of the software development lifecycle, I enjoy bringing a comprehensive user-centered perspective to the work that I’m doing and building a product that users will enjoy. 

What is one thing that would surprise people about your field of work in software development? 

I think that most people are surprised to find how accessible certain technical skills are. I always enjoy showing people how to use the developer tools in their browser to see why they’re having trouble on a website, or to find an image source, and tell them that they’re now officially a hacker. 

What kinds of things do you think we should be doing to encourage more people to pursue a career in computer science? 

An understanding of what computer science actually meant would have definitely led me to computer science sooner. I studied Psychology in college, and while I enjoyed math, it didn’t seem like something that could lead me to a practical career. I think that a focus on coding and an understanding of what it looks like and can accomplish in elementary education is a great way to overcome that challenge. 

What brought you to CIBO? 

I’ve always been interested in working on a product and for a company that has a positive impact on the world and people’s lives. Learning that CIBO was working on a carbon platform for farmers piqued my interest. Knowing that I’d be working with a team of smart, motivated folks sealed the deal. 

What do you find the most rewarding about your work here? 

Knowing that I’m working on a product that has can both help growers choose sustainable practices in land management, and make a positive impact on climate change.