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Katie Myhre Headshot

Katie Myhre

Account Executive

What led you to agriculture? 

I was inspired to pursue a career in agriculture because of its connection to climate change – both as a source and solution to climate challenges.

What is your favorite thing about being an account executive? 

I love problem-solving, especially complex problems that impact people; it’s what continues to excite me about the overlap between agriculture and climate change mitigation. Being an account executive puts me in direct collaboration with the people working within the world’s largest companies, trying to solve this very problem. It’s a great opportunity to support their work and play a collective role by exploring how CIBO’s solution can catalyze their supply chain emissions reduction goals.

What do you think we should do to encourage more people to pursue careers in science? 

Science is the foundation for solving our world’s biggest challenges, and it starts with a curious mindset. By supporting science literacy and showing people that scientists don’t only end up in the lab but also in board rooms, software companies, government offices, and more, we can encourage people to see science as a pathway to making a difference.


In 2019, I was awarded a nine-month social enterprise fellowship through the Bush Foundation’s FINNOVATION Lab Social Enterprise program. The program enabled me to research agricultural supply chains, which led me to graduate studies and research in supply chain resilience and agricultural economics.

What brought you to CIBO? 

The people! CIBO has an incredible team of people who deeply care about the people we work with and the problems we’re tackling.

What are your primary responsibilities at CIBO? 

As an account executive, I build relationships with people from food and agricultural companies and support the launch of EQIP programs with our Grower Network Partners in the Midwest.


About Katie Myhre

Katie Myhre is an Account Executive at CIBO, a science-driven software startup. Her career has spanned from early-stage supply chain tech startups to conducting research and consulting in the non-profit sector. Prior to CIBO, she worked as a Product Manager at Big Wheelbarrow, building supplier management software to support direct sourcing in the grocery industry. She holds an M.S. from the University of Minnesota in Supply Chain Management and a B.A. from St. Olaf College in Biology and Environmental Studies.