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Joe Beuckman Headshot

Joe Beuckman

Software Engineer

What led you to computer programming?  

I did computer programming as a kid. Studying Computer Science in college was natural since I  was programming computers anyway. I didn’t decide to do it, it’s what I’ve always done.

What is your favorite thing about being a computer scientist? 


What brought you to CIBO? 

I hadn’t worked in agriculture, and I thought the field sounded interesting. Plus, CIBO makes a meaningful impact on agricultural practices for the better. I met Jackson Tomlinson and realized we saw some things the same way about how to do this. I was attracted to the people and the field.

What are your primary responsibilities at CIBO? 

I try to turn our incredible modeling expertise into something that helps our customers improve farming practices. Our small app team handles a formidable amount of ambiguity, makes pragmatic decisions on the spot and works with customers to improve outcomes.

What do you find the most rewarding about your work here? 

Since we’re such a small team, we get good and bad feedback right away. I like the size and the speed. I’ve worked places where you submit something and hear feedback a week later. At CIBO, you get to solve it right then.

About Joe Beuckman

Joe Beuckman is a Software Engineer at CIBO, a science-driven software startup. Prior to CIBO, he worked at Klarna, US Bank, and Puny Entertainment. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and one in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.