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Erin Wester Crader Headshot

Erin Wester-Crader

Finance Manager

What led you to Finance?

I have been working in finance for 15 years. I was drawn to finance for various reasons; I enjoy digging into and analyzing complex data, problem-solving, and finding a solution. I am naturally drawn to numbers and numbers don’t lie. At CIBO, I am energized when involved in strategic decision-making while working in a fast-paced environment.

What is your favorite thing about being in finance at a startup?

I enjoy a good challenge. I love CIBO’s mission of bringing together science and technology to create custom programs in the regenerative agriculture industry. Coming from a long line of farmers and a passion for regenerative practices, I am proud to work for CIBO.

Erin Wester-Crader is the Finance Manager at CIBO, a science-driven software startup.