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Strategic. Scaled. Sustainable.

CIBO is the climate software platform for agriculture that helps companies reduce emissions, helps supply chains improve resiliency, and helps farmers increase profits.


3 Solutions To Reduce Ag Emissions with CIBO

Scope 3

See how CIBO can help you identify Scope 3 reduction opportunities, deploy programs, engage growers, and model and track performance.

USDA Programs

Create new opportunities for your supply chain. Accelerated applications and a comprehensive value roadmap creates a force-multiplier for your own GHG initiatives.

Sourcing Sustainable Acres

CIBO combines programs with accessible acres. Give growers a rapid understanding of incentive options, eligibility and potential returns.

Elevate Your Scope 3 Strategy with CIBO

CIBO’s Scope 3 solution for CPG companies goes beyond measurement, verification and reporting. It’s a complete science-driven software platform combined with a network of farmer-facing advisors who have agronomic expertise and established farmer relationships. CIBO addresses the biggest hurdles companies face when reducing Scope 3 agricultural emissions, from reaching farmers to maximizing program participation, acre availability, and complete reporting.

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Jamie LeifkerPresident of Truterra, a Land O’Lakes Company

“We value our important business relationship with CIBO, and together are excited to continue delivering reduced emissions factors for CPGs and processors through best-in-class sustainability solutions for farmers.”

We Support Sustainable Ag.

Meet with us to explore how we design, develop, deploy and deliver reporting for GHG & Carbon programs for CPG companies.

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Enabling Public and Private Incentive Stacking to Drive Adoption

CIBO Impact is the industry’s only technology solution enabling growers to see eligibility and simultaneously apply for public and private programs. By offering easier application to public programs like the USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) alongside private Scope 3 programs, farmers can maximize their financial incentives, and Scope 3 sponsors benefit from improved engagement and enrollment.

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Jody LongshoreChief Commercial Officer of Advanced Agrilytics

“Partnering with CIBO opens up a new avenue for us to support our growers in tapping into conservation programs. We’re thrilled to offer our customers access to more financial support in improving their land. It’s aligned directly with our mission to unlock the potential of every acre through our agronomy services, helping growers invest in sustainable practices that make sense both environmentally and economically. For companies like ours focused on growers’ needs, this collaboration is a significant opportunity.”

Maximize incentives with CIBO.

Discover how we simplify Scope 3 reporting and intervention plans with a comprehensive platform for your company.

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Source Acres to Reduce Your Scope 3 Emissions

With 2030 goals fast approaching, Scope 3 Programs don’t have time to move at the pace of building trust one-by-one. CIBO’s Grower Network Partners already have trusted farm relationships in key supply regions. Read this ebook to learn how CIBO enables these trusted advisors to offer farmers access to sustainability programs with a technology platform. Through CIBO’s integrated approach, companies can deliver emissions reductions, improve soil health, and create resilience in their supply chains.

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Reduce ag emissions with CIBO

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