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Building Regenerative Agriculture into Your Co-op

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Co-ops are highly flexible and work to address a variety of needs of their growers, helping producer-members market and process their crops and livestock as well as secure needed production supplies and services. One key service more co-ops are offering are ways to make the transition to regenerative agriculture both economically and environmentally aligned.

With CIBO’s Program Engine, co-ops are able to create or promote incentive programs for commodities that offer opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of farming, while at the same time promoting existing customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.

Key Features of CIBO Programs:

  • Simplified Enrollment: Simplified process allows growers to upload field boundaries to quickly determine program eligibility and enroll in their chosen programs.
  • Manage Status Updates and Payments: Growers can monitor the status of programs they have enrolled in and get paid as practices or carbon reduction outcomes are verified.
  • Automatically Prequalify Fields for New Programs: As new incentive programs are deployed, uploaded fields will automatically run through prequalification and alert growers of eligibility.

Support your farmer members with CIBO.

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