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USDA – 4Rs Right for Nutrient Management


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Anne Fairfield-sonn

Source: 4Rs Right for Nutrient Management

by Jason Johnson

February 2011

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is encouraging Iowa agricultural producers to adopt the 4R nutrient stewardship concept to help define the right source, rate, time, and place for plant nutrient application.

John Myers, state resource conservationist with NRCS in Iowa, says the 4R concept considers productivity, profitability, cropping system durability, and a healthy environment. “The approach is simple and universally applicable,” says Myers. “Apply the correct nutrient in the amount needed, time and place to meet crop demand.”

The 4Rs will change and improve with new gains in knowledge and technology development, says Iowa NRCS Nutrient Management Specialist Eric Hurley. “The 4Rs provide flexibility to nutrient management,” he says, “depending on soils, climate, crops, cropping history, management style, and farm size.”

Breaking Down the 4Rs

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