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GHG Scopes 101:

Introducing CIBO Enterprise, the First Technology Platform Built to Power Scope 3 Sustainability, Carbon, and Incentive Programs Across Grower Networks


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As a company accelerates its net zero journey, it will become increasingly clear that solutions to reduce emissions within the supply chain will be the most challenging, yet most impactful. Businesses with agriculture in their supply chains know that they have to act if they’re going to bring the climate commitments from their boardroom to life at the farm gate. That’s where CIBO Enterprise comes in. With CIBO’s science-based technology, organizations are able to engage customers, suppliers, and operators in sustainability.

Power Your Sustainability & Incentive Programs

Monitor and quantify the environmental impact of your agriculture network.The platform provides a clear line of sight across your organization’s land portfolio.

Here are some key features:

  • Easy Enrollment:

    Enroll growers in the CIBO Impact Program and gain valuable information about your supply chain and operation.

  • Instant Insights On Impact:

    Track carbon potential, land performance, yield and more for each farm, field, and operation across entire portfolios.

  • Real-time Notifications:

    Never miss an update with real-time notifications when they matter most.

Automatic Practice Verification At Scale

CIBO Enterprise is the first platform to combine fully scaled, scientific crop modelling, complete ecosystem simulation, computer vision and AI, all delivered in a modern SaaS experience from the cloud.

Here are some key features:

  • Confirm Practices Without Stepping Foot On The Ground:

    From tillage practice to cover cropping, from planting dates, emergence and irrigation CIBO computer vision and AI verifies program practices at scale.

  • Science-based Insights & Carbon Quantification:

    CIBO uses crop and environmental simulation and data modeling to quantify, compare and report on the progress of practices as they happen.

  • Environmental Impact & Carbon Footprint Insight:

    Practices like tillage practice, cover cropping, cash crop emergence, and more are verified with remote sensing, simulation and computer vision.

Access Unprecedented Land & Agriculture Intelligence 

Land Portfolios are designed to work the way you do. With customizable, roll-up insights at every level.

Here are some key features:

  • Monitor & Measure Crop Performance:

    Gain clear visibility across land portfolios with customizable summaries. Monitor practices and yield prediction updates throughout the growing season, and reward sustainable practices.

  • Prospecting & Land-Intelligence:

    Use CIBO’s powerful search to find and understand land throughout the US. Discover new opportunities and enhance existing relationships to scale your business.

  • Next-Generation Land API:

    Easily integrate enterprise applications with the CIBO API. Bring CIBO’s science-based land and ag system intelligence to your tools and teams, and gain better visibility over regenerative metrics at scale.

Effective enterprise management is vital for long-term sustainability goals. CIBO Enterprise can accelerate insights, incentives and decision support for organizations.

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