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Accelerating Toward Net Zero Ethanol

Incorporate CIBO’s breakthrough approach to scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture into your business.

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CIBO Technologies, your fellow RFA member, is THE technology partner to help you maximize your 45Z tax credit from sustainable on-farm practices. Our technology is purpose-built to:

  • Set your supply shed boundaries and determine your baseline feedstock CI score without grower input
  • Analyze alternative supply areas and target your sourcing to the lowest CI grain available in your area
  • Design, develop and deploy incentive programs to your growers to further reduce the feedstock carbon intensity
  • Leverage your private investment by stacking with publicly funded programs like RCPP and EQIP
  • Perform field and farm level analysis to determine directly sourced or mass-balanced feedstock carbon intensity
  • Calculate your final CI Score with the industry-accepted and endorsed Argonne GREET model, integrated into CIBO Impact

With our Grower Network Partners, including our preferred implementation partner, TruTerra, we can provide a full-service grower engagement, enrollment, and data management service.

Don’t delay…the time is now to qualify for 2025 credits.