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Become a CIBO Grower Network Partner

Earn New Revenue Streams and Help Your Growers Apply to EQIP and Other Programs

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CIBO enables grower-focused organizations to help their customers easily apply for programs like the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and other public or private incentives available in their area.

CIBO invites retailers, agronomists, associations and co-ops who are trusted advisors to growers to join our expanding partner network. Earn revenue while helping growers apply for programs using CIBO Impact, the transformative ag platform designed to provide advisors and growers:

  • A streamlined application process
  • Practice recommendations designed to increase chances of receiving funding
  • Rapid understanding of eligibility for other incentive programs, if available, that can be stacked with EQIP to maximize grower payments

Bring Incentive Programs to Your Growers

How It Works

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1. Engage

  • Contact CIBO to find out if your organization is a fit for our network
  • If you qualify, sign an agreement with CIBO
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2. Enroll

  • Receive a brief training and start using CIBO Impact to help your growers apply for EQIP
  • Enroll growers in other conservation incentive programs, if available in your area
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3. Earn

  • As your growers are accepted and enrolled into programs, earn your portion of the agreed-upon revenue share from CIBO