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Learn from the CIBO Team and connect with our community about the future of agriculture. Find out more by attending one of our events. 

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AI in Agriculture: How Computer Vision is Scaling Sustainability

Remote sensing measures crop growth throughout the year so that the growers can analyze conditions based on the data and take action that will have a positive influence on the harvest outcome. But what exactly is remote sensing? The CIBO team will share an overview of remote sensing, ways to use the data and how remote sensing data can be used for decision-making among the agriculture and food security communities.

We will cover:

  • Remote sensing 101
  • Where remote sensing data comes from and how to use it
  • Updates to CIBO’s remote sensing capabilities

CIBO Speakers:

  • Ernesto Brau, Lead Computer Vision Scientist
  • Subhash Bylaiah, Senior Data Scientist
  • Pankaj Bhambhani, Data Scientist

When: September 25 at 10 am CT / 11 am ET

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Importance of Modeling for Sustainable Food Systems

Today, technology is transforming the world and impacting every aspect of our lives, including the food we eat. Producing agricultural products has become more complex because of climate change and other environmental and societal stressors. The agriculture industry is responding by turning to digital tools and other advanced technologies. Join CIBO’s co-founder Bruno Basso to deep dive into how climate change is impacting companies and why he helped found CIBO to advance the digitization of agriculture.

We’ll cover:

  • Bruno’s background in modeling and as CIBO’s co-founder
  • How the SALUS model has grown and evolved
  • Why modeling is important to the future of sustainability
  • Mechanics of building a crop model

CIBO Speakers:

  • Bruno Basso,

When: October 17

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Scaling Annual Crop Tracking Across the US

Tracking agriculture crop growth is important to many organizations. Each year, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service publishes the Cropland Data Layer (CDL) which is used to estimate the amount of major commodities grown throughout the US. What if this data could be accessed faster and more precisely? That’s where CIBO comes in. CIBO has combined our computer vision and AI capabilities with an innovative machine learning approach to create new, sought-after data sets, including cropland cover, for enterprises, NGOs and governments across the market.

CIBO Speakers:

  • Karen Olsen, Computer Vision Scientist, Ph.D.
  • Shane Bussmann, Senior Data Scientist, Ph.D.

When: November 9 from 12:30-1:30 pm CT / 1:30-2:30 pm ET

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How to Use Digital Agriculture

Organizations looking to track how certain biologicals impact the soil over time need to be able to have both a control and an experiment plot. However, identifying these can be time-consuming, expensive and disruptive. That’s where CIBO comes in. Join this webinar to find out more about this feature.

CIBO Speakers:

  • Nitzan Haklai, VP of Business Development
  • Jeremy Keillor, Lead Software Engineer
  • Rebekah Carlson, Director, Program Management

When: December 4 from 12:30-1:30 pm CT / 1:30-2:30 pm ET

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