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Learn from the CIBO Team and connect with our community about the future of agriculture. Find out more by attending one of our events. 

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Insets, Offsets & Regeneration In the EU: A Discussion With eAgronom

eAgronom is the rising star in Europe for regenerative agriculture, carbon programs, and scope 3 emissions accounting in farming. CIBO Technologies is pleased to have eAgronom join us on our Cultivating Change Webinar and Podcast series to discuss the landscape of regeneration in Europe.

We’ll cover:

  • The climate of regenerative ag across europe
  • Interest in insets, offsets, scope 3 in the EU and US
  • What businesses are doing to drive the transition to regenerative practices


  • Robin Saluoks, CEO of eAgronom
  • Simon Boughton, Senior Agronomist at eAgronom

When: January 24 at 8 am CT / 9 am ET

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How to Use Digital Agriculture

Organizations looking to track how certain biologicals impact the soil over time need to be able to have both a control and an experiment plot. However, identifying these can be time-consuming, expensive and disruptive. That’s where CIBO comes in. Join this webinar to find out more about this feature.

CIBO Speakers:

  • Nitzan Haklai, VP of Business Development
  • Jeremy Keillor, Lead Software Engineer
  • Rebekah Carlson, Director, Program Management

When: February 5 at 12:30 pm CT / 1:30 pm ET

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