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See the future of your field.


CIBO Lab’s Yield Simulator lets you evaluate yield estimates against multiple scenarios, using advanced, science-based crop growth simulation technology.


Assess and compare any field—those you know and those you don’t.

Yield Simulator helps you estimate yield for any corn or soybean field—at any time, at scale—by taking into consideration various management practices; weather forecasts; and actual, observed weather conditions.


Take into account real-time environmental and agronomic factors

est projections

Estimate performance at a parcel- and/or field-level


Easily compare to countywide results the day-to-day growth of your own high-value crops


Save your scenarios and re-run simulations to see changes over time

Get answers to the field performance questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Run an unlimited number of online scenarios, easily asking the critical questions you need answered in order to make informed business decisions.

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“How is this year’s weather likely to affect the yield?”

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“How will a field perform relative to its historical performance?”

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“Based upon a variety of different scenarios, when will the crops mature?”

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“How is the field compared to other fields in the county?”

Experience the only science-based way to estimate crop and field performance.

Only CIBO uses crop modeling technology built upon 30 years of published Michigan State University research led by Professor of Geological Sciences and CIBO Co-Founder Dr. Bruno Basso, a renowned researcher in the agricultural systems field.

Aggregated forecast trend reports delivered monthly!

Get monthly, in-season forecast reports for corn, soybeans and cotton by county, state, or the nation—and the reasoning behind each prediction—based upon different weather scenarios.

View CIBO’s County-Level Yield Forecast

See what it’s all about!

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Download the eBook:

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