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CIBO at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

We are honored to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Summit, and share how CIBO helps mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience, and improve grower outcomes.


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Brochure – Overview: CIBO Technologies 

Design, Build and Implement your Carbon Offset and Scope 3 Reduction Programs with CIBO


Brochure – Bring Carbon & Climate Programs to Life with CIBO Impact 

Turn Climate Commitments into Action Plans


Brochure – The Science Behind CIBO 

Deep Diver into CIBO Science Team’s Areas of Expertise


Brochure – Scale Your Grower-Facing Sustainability Initiatives

Define, Deliver and Manage Programs from Prequalification Through Payment


Brochure – Become a CIBO Grower Network Partner

CIBO Impact for Grower Networks, Co-Ops, Agronomists & Trusted Advisors


Brochure – Sourcing Low Carbon Ingredients & Meeting Scope 3 Goals 

Reduce Scope 3 Emissions and Lower the Carbon Intensity of Ingredients


Brochure – Source Low-Carbon Feed Ingredients with CIBO Impact 

Reduce Scope 3 Emissions and Lower the Carbon Intensity of Feed


Brochure – Track, Reduce and Report on Scope 3 Emissions with CIBO Impact 

CIBO Impact Helps Companies Bring Scope 3 Emissions Programs to Life

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More About the Summit

The summit is an international conference, networking and deal-making event for agribusinesses, solution providers, entrepreneurs and investors. Our goal is to accelerate the commercialization of advanced agricultural technologies by generating global partnerships and collaborations.

World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit