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What You Need to Know About Agricultural Carbon Credits

Politico Pro published an article that examined the different options for agriculture carbon credits that are currently available to organizations looking to offset their carbon footprint. 

According to the article, “Many companies including Microsoft and Amazon have pledged to be net-zero by 2040. Others have promised to adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement even when the Trump administration pulled out. Today, the agricultural carbon market space is often described as being the “Wild West” because the market is new and there are so many different companies and programs with different standards and program terms.”

Agriculture Carbon Markets

Source: Politico Pro

Carbon offsets price varies across agriculture carbon markets. While the rates vary, the average cost of agriculture carbon credit is $15. CIBO’s carbon credits are listed at $20 per credit and available with just a swipe of a credit card. We offer our carbon credits toward the top of the range because we believe that farmers need a higher profit margin from their carbon offsets cost to make it worth the added expenses of adopting regenerative agriculture practices.

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