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What is Preview Modeling?

Agriculture is a living environment. Each day, the outcomes change depending on what choices are made and what events occur in the ecosystem of each individual field. Understanding the outcome of any farming operation requires that an enterprise or grower understand the impact each condition and event has on the final crop yield, carbon intensity, and more.

Preview modeling or “crop twinning and simulation” provides a unique opportunity to track and predict field conditions, crop growth, soil quality, and carbon sequestration at each critical moment in a growing season. Simulation uses fundamental laws of nature to model how physical, chemical, and biological processes occur, making it possible to predict what would happen under a nearly infinite number of scenarios.

Why Organizations Use Preview Modeling 

With preview modeling, users can understand interconnected scenarios that range from weather events to seed type, planting density, and soil quality. They can see what will happen if new management techniques are applied in a particular field. CIBO’s technology predicts and previews crop performance and soil outcomes in each field’s agricultural ecosystem. CIBO Impact – the new platform from CIBO – incorporates preview modeling to show how outcomes are affected by field location, soil characteristics, environment, weather, water, and farm management practices, all before the first seed is planted. Anyone in the ag ecosystem can explore new opportunities to optimize productivity and sustainability while reducing risk.

Examples of different components of agriculture CIBO can simulate:

  • Crop: Growth stage timing, leaf area, biomass, yield
  • Soil Carbon: Soil carbon, soil nitrogen, net carbon change, CO2 evolved, carbon intensity, carbon footprint
  • Water balance: EvapoTranspiration, transpiration, drought stress
  • Nitrogen balance: Crop nitrogen uptake, nitrogen leaching, crop nitrogen stress

How CIBO Uses Preview Modeling 

CIBO creates visibility of the carbon footprint of entire supply chains and supply sheds. Businesses are able to find and enroll growers, while creating, managing and growing incentive programs—like pay-for-practice, price premiums, and carbon farming—that help solve climate change and restore the land.

Preview modeling capabilities feed into many of the features of CIBO Impact that help organizations plan, develop and deploy regenerative agriculture programs and help growers enroll in those programs more easily and efficiently.

Supply Shed Analysis
Perform year-over-year inventories of supply shed-level carbon emissions, reductions/removals, carbon intensity, yield, cash crop, cover crop and tillage acres. With the help of preview modeling, organizations can perform what-if analysis on the impact of new practice adoption in their supply shed, helping to plan and target regenerative agriculture programs.

Farm & Field Supply Chain Analysis
Conduct field-level assessment for fields and farms enrolled in carbon and regenerative ag programs. Report year-over-year changes in emissions and practices that are attributable to your programs. Preview modeling allows users to apply CIBO CarbonLab™ in order to understand the impact on carbon emissions that regenerative agriculture could have year over year on individual fields.

CIBO Programs Engine

Rapid program matching, pre-qualification, opportunity sizing and enrollment through a convenient user experience that makes it easy for growers to participate in programs and convenient for enterprises to find, engage and pay growers. With the help of preview modeling, growers are able to see the potential return on program enrollment before they commit, creating transparency and helping them understand the ROI of adopting new practices.

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