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Vote now for CIBO in the Agri Investor’s 2021 Global Awards!

The Agri Investor’s 2021 Global Awards recognize influential companies across the agriculture sector. The CIBO team is honored to be a finalist in the Agri Investor’s 2021 Global Awards for Innovation of the Year.

How CIBO is Transforming Agriculture 

CIBO is transforming how enterprises and growers navigate carbon marketplaces. Most carbon programs barely cover startup costs for farmers. CIBO has decided to change that. CIBO Carbon Bridge shortens time to ROI and takes the risk off of farmers starting regenerative agriculture.

For Growers 

CIBO Carbon Bridge is designed to help growers manage risk with industry-leading payments. The highest payments occur in the first year of participation when growers face the most hurdles, like more labor, learning about new practices, and investing in new equipment. As farmers begin to see the agronomic benefits of practice changes, such as reduced inputs or higher yields, the fixed payment goes down. At the same time, as carbon markets mature in the coming years, Carbon Bridge growers will have the ability to capitalize on selling their generated carbon credits.

For Enterprises 

CIBO helps enterprises offset their carbon footprint, inset to improve environmental performance, and sponsor incentives for climate-resilient farming practices with verified carbon credits from the most respected sources. Reserving agricultural carbon credits with CIBO means enterprises are part of the solution. CIBO works to build the bridge that helps farmers start regenerative practices like cover cropping and no-till, and reserve the verified carbon credits that result from those practices. CIBO is working with third-party registries to verify carbon credits from U.S. farmers’ regenerative practices. These practices sequester carbon while rebuilding the soil, promoting climate resilience, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Help us win by voting today! The deadline to vote is February 25, 2022.

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